Not just who we are, but what we believe in.



Walled Networks is a security oriented company which was founded in 1996. Since our inception, Walled Networks has operated within multiple vertical markets. In 2002, Walled Networks solidified its offerings in enterprise solutions.

We offer our clients a set of three complementary services: co-location/hosting, custom software development, and security consulting/rapid response. These diverse offerings have allowed us to retain a staff with broad knowledge and deep expertise.

Our client base is broad and varied, and includes federal governments, advertising agencies, companies providing medical support and tools, and the financial sector. We are proud to provide active references to any of our prospective clients.


Walled Networks's goal is to provide an alternative in a crowded and competitive industry. We operate as an extension of our clients' companies, and to a larger degree, the Internet community.

As a member and contributor to the Creative Commons and signatory to its Licence, Walled Networks believes in an open internet, and follows a code of conduct that is honest and fair.

What sets us apart?

Walled Networks demands an uncompromising commitment to professionalism and integrity, both of itself as a corporation, and of our staff. More than ideals to strive for, we embody these core principles as our corporate ethos. Coupled with our collective depth of experience, our clients can quickly find security and peace of mind in calling us their partner.

Regardless of your interface to our company, whether through our offerings in professional services, our software development organization, or rapid security response, our staff and approach will provide you with the confidence and assurance you need to excel.

Walled Networks' service offerings combine our staff's capabilities with the resources of our global partners to give you stability, scalability, and security at all times.

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