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Walled Networks provides co-location and managed services for clients of any size. Our Tier 3 data centres provide co-location, managed operations, and private cloud in facilities located in Toronto, Montreal, Dublin, and Shanghai. They are protected from unforeseen events by our on-site staff, by our network operations teams, and by our redundant infrastructure. Our facilities are modern, fast, reliable, and secure.


When co-locating with Walled Networks, the placement, powering, cooling, and physical security of your servers becomes our responsibility. You can have all the benefits of a dedicated server with better customization, as you are unlimited in the server vendors you choose.

We place no restrictions on the server vendors you can choose from. The hardware is your decision (though we do provide consulting services to assist with the decision). Just plug it in and stop worrying.

Co-location adds a layer of redundancy and a layer of security in case of fire, theft, or power outages. Co-location is cost effective, freeing time for your IT pros to focus on what matters, rather than the mundane and repetitive tasks associated with the upkeep of costly data facilities.

Managed Infrastructure

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, it is not uncommon to have infrastructure needs and management requirements outpace your own resources. Walled Networks leverages our existing teams, which manage our offerings, coupled with our professional services staff, to help our clients assert control.

When this happens, Walled Networks deploys our professional services staff to assist our clients assert control of their infrastructure. We can rapidly deploy co-location, managed operations, and private cloud infrastructure specifically tailored to situation.

Servers, switches, routers and software applications are our responsibilities. Contact us today to start the process and learn how you can have the peace of mind that comes from professionally managed infrastructure.

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