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The owner and publisher of this website is Walled Networks. Our website: is hosted on our own servers. The editor in chief is Steven O'Reilly (President). To contact us:


By accessing the Walled Networks website to either view information or use our services, you agree to abide by current applicable laws and to the following additional terms of use.

1. Intellectual property rights

All data on our website, including but not limited to, graphics, texts, and logos, is protected by intellectual property laws. Any reproduction, in part or in whole, of any content of our website strictly forbidden. In particular, the logo, the "Walled Networks" brand name, and the "" domain name all constitute registered trademarks of Walled Networks, which you may not use in any way without prior express permission of Walled Networks.

You agree to not redistribute or reproduce public data available on our website or otherwise communicated as part of the use of our services, unless such action is restricted to your own personal use and in accordance with the present terms of use and to the contractual obligations of the services concerned.

2. Use of a Whois database

A "Whois" database is made available to You, and all internet users, as a means for consulting the personal and technical information pertaining to a registered domain name. These databases are also protected by intellectual property rights. No rights other than having the permission to consult the database is granted to You.

Upon using a Whois database, you agree to use its data in a manner and means that are in accordance with current applicable laws and legislation, in order to register a domain name or view the registration status of an existing domain name.

In particular, you agree to not extract, collect or use the data in any way or means that will result in, allow, facilitate, or participate in the sending, transmission and/or making of mass or multiple commercial and/or other unsolicited advertisement via e-mail, telephone or fax, that does not abide by current applicable laws.

Any mass and/or automated inquiries made of a Whois database, as well as any failed or successful attempt to bypass the technical security measures in place, and any use, extraction, transfer, storage, reproduction or redistribution, for any other use or intent other than the viewing of this information, the registration or modification of a domain name, is strictly forbidden and may be grounds for criminal or civil prosecution.

The registries in charge of the management of domain names registered under each TLD reserve the right to restrict your access to a Whois database in order to guarantee the operational stability of the service.

Walled Networks may therefore temporarily restrict or suspend your access to a Whois database in the event of a breach in the aforementioned terms of use.

In addition, you agree that:

  • 2.1. Walled Networks' role is to provide access to this database, for which the purpose is to retrieve information on registered domain names.
  • 2.2. Walled Networks does not have the means to verify the content of a Whois database, which is shared throughout the world and gathers information from various parties. In particular, Whois database access provided by Walled Networks includes information pertaining to domain names registered by third parties (Registrars, Registries, resellers, etc.) over whom Walled Networks has no control, even if the content of the respective databases, shared worldwide, is accessible from any Whois portal.
  • 2.3. Concerning domain names that are not registered with Walled Networks, the data presented in a Whois cannot be certified as wholly accurate by Walled Networks, and is supplied by third parties. Nonetheless:
    • 2.3.1. Each person registering a domain name must supply accurate, complete and updated information for the entire duration of the registration of their domain name, both on themselves as well as for each of the contacts (administrative, technical and billing) associated with the domain name. Therefore, if the information associated with a domain name registered through Walled Networks seems to be incorrect, you must alert us to this fact. We will then alert the registered owner of the domain name that they must correct or update the information within fifteen (15) days. If we do not receive a reply, or if the reply is inadequate, or if the information is still incorrect or outdated after a fifteen (15)-day period, this shall constitute a basis for holding or deleting the domain name.
    • 2.3.2. If information viewed concerns a domain name for which you are the owner or registered contact, it is your obligation to correct/update your information in a Whois via our online interface after logging in with your access codes. If this does not occur, you risk the deletion or suspension of your domain.
    • 2.3.3. If Walled Networks is not the Registrar of the domain name in question, we cannot modify the data associated with the registration of the domain name. In this case, you should contact the Registrar of the aforementioned domain name. The Registrar's name is presented in a Whois.

3. Personal Information gathered during the subscription and use of Walled Networks' website and services

During the viewing or use of the present website, Walled Networks records information about you that enables the website to perform the services offered, and generate user statistics, as described below.

Your web browser has a function called "cookies", that downloads a small text file on your computer when you visit our Site.

A cookie alone does not contain any information about you. It is a piece of information concerning your computer and browser, that is recorded when you visit our website (the pages that you have viewed, the date and time of the viewing, etc.). This information remains in your computer only for the time that you spend on our website. Cookies are not kept after you log out.

The activation of this function is not necessary for visiting our website. Nonetheless, access to some services, notably all that require logging in (such as the administration interface and the management of your domain names, or your personal account) require the use of such "session cookies" in order to function.

Therefore, if you do not activate this function, services provided by Walled Networks that require logging in will not work correctly.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned statement, and in consideration of it, you may block the acceptance of "cookies" by configuring your browser accordingly.

In addition, during each visit to our website, we collect data from your computer, notably your IP address, the date and time of your visit, your equipment specifications (operating system, browser...). This information is only stored on our server and used for statistical purposes, and is made anonymous.

We are highly concerned with the confidentiality of data collected from visitors to our website. Such information constitutes personal data that Walled Networks handles and gathers in a private and legal means.

In the performance of its services, Walled Networks collects and records information on you, which constitutes personal information. This data is recorded in an in-house database, with the exception of information related to the payment of our services which is processed via secure websites belonging to our banking partners.

In addition, the technical and contact information pertaining to domain names, such as listed in Walled Networks' general terms and conditions of domain name registration, are made public. This information may be viewed by everyone, including third parties, via a Whois database, in addition to those of all the other Registrars, Registries, and any organization allowing public access to this tool throughout the entire world via the Internet, including in countries providing a lower protection level than Canada for personal information.

Walled Networks only collects and records personal and/or contact information in order to provide its services. The data is specified at the time of its gathering, and is processed in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions relating to the various services for which they are gathered and processed. These contractual conditions also inform you of the possibility to change, modify, and/or delete your personal data.

You have the right to access, modify and delete personal data pertaining to you, and the right to do so at any time by contacting us via our website at

4. Limitation of content liability

4.1. Content of the Walled Networks website

Information presented on the Walled Networks website, and notably on a Whois database, is provided for as is. Walled Networks cannot guarantee the stability, accuracy, or reliability of the data provided, and the user selects, researches, and interprets the data at their own risk.