Security as it should be.


Organizations are no longer strictly targets of opportunity, but victims of dedicated, prolonged and focused attacks, resulting in loss of data, reduced operating capabilities, and the erosion of end users' trust.

Walled Networks has borne witness and successfully mitigated complex penetration attempts against our clients. Beyond anticipating and guarding against threats like viruses, spear phishing, or disgruntled employees, Our security offerings equip and support our clients against a hostile environment that is rapidly changing.

Emergency Response

Time is critical. If you have been breached, if you are a victim of ransomware, or if you suspect a leak of information has occurred, contact us immediately. We will advise you confidentially and without requiring an initial retainer.

Audit and Assurances

Our audit approach for our clients is systematic and complete. Prior to any audit, we work closely with our clients to develop a true understanding of their environments, including systems, networking, applications, proprietary software, user hierarchies, policy/procedures, and other concerns. Armed with a deep understanding of your environment, we are effective in investigating, auditing, and reporting.

Ongoing Threat Management

If your organization does not have the resources to ensure compliance, to investigate supporting software, or to perform regular testing and assessment, Walled Networks can help. We will incorporate your organization's needs into our security management infrastructure to ensure that your ongoing security needs are met.

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